Sharing Your Visions

Everyone has a great story that deserves to be told.  One area of particular interest to us is with non-profit organizations and causes that are making a positive impact on our society and communities. 

Do you have a great story to tell? We would love to learn more about your organization and it’s needs.

By aligning with relevant corporations and local business‭, Sharing Your Visions can help develop a “cause marketing” strategy which will serve to broaden awareness of your organization, while also promoting the good will and brand awareness of the supporting partner companies.

Through creative use of a professionally produced high quality video and web based streaming media technology we will work with your group to create just the right video and offer effective solutions for getting that to your prospective audience.


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The Most Excellent Dying of

Theodore Jack Heckelman

Trailer for the full length documentary

A heart warming full length documentary of the courageous dying of a man determined to die consciously and in so doing gave manifold blessings to everyone around him. He resolved to live his brief time left on earth to the fullest, and he called it 'my last great adventure.' Rare and touching footage of his community and family support--of his contracting for his casket to be made by a beloved niece and receiving it just before his death-- of friends gathering to tell him farewell and singing for him in the last hours, and then caring for him at home and honoring him with a three day vigil. A warm, natural, open, and accepting mood around the threshold of death is apparent throughout the film.

Lindbergh Foundation

Outreach DVD

The Lindbergh Foundation Believes that Innovative Science and Technology Hold the Key to Addressing Humanity’s Environmental and Productivity Challenges

Knowing the Lindberghs' vision of a balance between the technological advancements they helped pioneer, and the preservation of the human and natural environments they cherished, it was decided that this balance vision would become the cornerstone of the Foundation's programs.

Windows & Mirrors - The Middle East

Educational cultural awareness DVD - Trailer

Cultural Jambalaya has completed production of its second educational DVD for teachers. "Windows & Mirrors" includes images and narratives highlighting the fascinating people and intriguing cultures of the middle east. Supported by an online study guide, the DVD is a resource for Middle School and High School teachers to engage students in a variety of subjects, including social studies, geography, history, diversity and language.

A Better Society

Project Life-Cycle

Four years ago, Project Life-Cycle was started in a garage with the idea that if donated bicycles could be repaired and given to those in need, we could make a difference in people’s lives. Since then, Project Life-Cycle has provided almost 1000 free bicycles to 20 different service organizations and school districts, and countless individuals throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area. In 2012, utilizing our dedicated shop facilities, we distributed over 500 bicycles to individuals and families, partnered with over 35 service organizations and businesses, and formed a community of over 100 volunteers to repair and redistribute donated bikes and to reach out to those in need in the Twin Cities Metro

Cancer My Way

The mission of Cancer MY WAY is to strengthen and connect those who have been smacked with cancer.

This isn’t your typical cancer foundation. We will use humor, social media and community support to help you better live with cancer. Once cancer smacks you, your family and friends are all affected. Come and join the herd, let’s have each other’s back.


Film Trailer for upcoming documentary

AN IRONMAN'S JOURNEY is the story of one man's quest to prevail over what appears to be impossible odds. While accomplishing such a goal is monumental in its own right, this story is about much more than a personal pursuit. Indeed it exemplifies a commitment and passion for breaking down barriers to create new worlds of possibilities for other individuals inspired to follow his lead. and